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AMLA – The best hair conditioner in the World

Amla is a plant that grows fruits remarkably resembling gooseberry. For this reason Emblica officinalis is commonly called an Indian gooseberry. It is obviously valued in the cuisine because of its nourishing and healthy properties (Indian inhabitants love amla jam), however we will focus on the plant’s conditioning properties. Indian women cannot imagine their hair [&hellip


Amla hair oil in good company. Oil mixtures suitable for your hair type.

Amla hair oil is extracted from the fruits of Indian gooseberry. In order to give it an oily texture, it has to be mixed with other natural oils. Amla extract is suitable for all hair types. However, when it is combined with other oils, you must choose the one that is good for your hair [&hellip


When should you use amla oil?

Amla oil definitely differs from other oils for hair. Most of all because if you want to acquire amla oil – you can never get it in the pure from. As a hair oil treatment, amla is suitable only when it’s complemented with oily base. Since extract from the green plant is most commonly found [&hellip